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Innovation, environment, and community 

These are Gian’s core architectural and design principles. Gian sees innovation as a means of improving life for people. He believes that attentiveness to the environment is central to sustainable innovative practice. As he puts it: You can’t innovate for the future on a dead planet. By community he means not only the client but all of the people who will interact with a finished project, as well as those involved in the project itself. 


Expanding the limits of the possible

Gian seeks to explore the worlds of design and architecture with new eyes and fresh ideas. This means exploring different materials, systems and techniques with each design. He has a unique passion for finding the right practical path to expanding the limits of the possible. To achieve this he loves to explore the frontiers of materials, processes, places and ideas. 


A Holistic Approach

Central to Gian Falzon’s philosophy is the belief that there is no real difference but scale between the design of a chair and the design of a house. In each the designer must look at its function, its aesthetics, and its ergonomics. Gian believes we must look at a project from its smallest details outwards until we can see the whole. All of this hinges on being a responsible and creative contributor to building a more just, equitable and environmentally sustainable society.

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